Learning to be at peace with eventualities and things you know you can't ever know.

production, direction, animation, and sound by Jordan Wong
began production during an artist residency at the Cultural Center at Eagle Hill
traditional hand drawn + replacement animation + stop motion + printmaking + photogram + live action

October 2016, 4:18, color, sound, video


Narration: Andy Yoontae Kim

Reference Footage & A+ Residency Cohort: Tess Spalty

"Ugly but Good" zine

Select photos from my 12 page zine "Ugly but Good". The writing from this zine served as the basis of the narration for the animation.

Screen printing

Experimenting with iconography from the animation to screen print promotional material (prints and shirts).

Behind the Scenes

Documentation of working in the studio and my teaching experience at the Center at Eagle Hill.


2017 // Corvallis Queer Film Festival, USA
2017 // Flatpack Film Festival No.12, UK
2017 // Be There! Corfu Animation Festival, Greece
2017 // Animafest Zagreb, Croatia
2017 // Athens Animfest (Awarded Distinction), Greece
2017 // NoiseFloor Experimental Sound and Image Festival, UK
2017 // Moving_Image_Arts International Short Film Festival, Canada
2017 // Vertical Horizons Art Exhibition - Rhode Island School of Design Gelman Gallery, USA
2017 // »backup_festival« Kurzfilm Festival, Germany
2017 // Fest Anča International Animation Festival, Slovakia
2017 // LINOLEUM International Contemporary Animation and Media-Art Festival, Ukraine
2017 // InShort Film Festival (Finalist), UK
2017 // The Third Sahar International Short Film Festival, UK