Motion Graphics

Commissioned work designed for web and promotional use.


Client: USAID localworks

I was tasked with creating a motion graphics video for a proposal of a new development program that encourages locally led and owned development. It's intent is to move from the top-down, donor centric approach to aid to a more bottom-up approach that encourages communities to solve their own development problems. Animated in After Effects and sound editing in Pro Tools.

Vector Artwork: Leah Chung
Music: James Wong

GIF sequences from video

Music Video

Client: Ryden Ridge

Collaborated with friend and musical artist Ryden Ridge to direct and animate a unique music video for his single "Haunt".

Animated Logo Identity

Client: Stephanie Jung (Digital Artist)

Collaborated with Stephanie Jung to create animated logos of her original designs.

First Iteration (Traditionally Hand Drawn)

Second Iteration (Digitally Rendered)

Animated Logo Identity for James Walker (Photographer)